International brokerage company arrives in Brazil offering exposure to U.S. stocks and BTC portfolio

Fintech Passfolio is regulated by CVM after partnership with RB Investimentos.

International brokerage company arrives in Brazil offering exposure to U.S. stocks and BTCNOTÍCIAS portfolio


US broker Passfolio announced it will launch operations in Brazil through an alliance with RB Investimentos, according to the Exame portal.

With the partnership, Brazilians now have exposure to equity investments in the United States, and also have support in Portuguese for customers in the country. Fintech already accepts deposits by TED or Pix.

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Fintech Passfolio is also registered with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and is able to disclose services and products in the country. The company would have been suspended for a few months in 2019 for operating in the country without the authorization of the municipality.

The brokerage house now allows the Brazilian public to invest in the US stock market, with investments in ETFs and real estate funds also without brokerage fees, converting funds into dollars, in addition to deposits and investments in cryptomorphs, with a native portfolio of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Zcash and other digital assets.

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According to Exame, Passfolio’s expansion has already reached 170 countries and six continents, and the partnership with RB Investimentos is necessary for the company to comply with CVM rules. Otherwise, the company could only offer services in a passive manner.

Other international companies have partnered with brokers in the country to consolidate their entry into the Brazilian market, such as Avenue Securities, which bought the brokerage house Coinvalores to obtain authorization to attract clients in Brazil. The director of RB Investimentos Jorge Teixeira says on the matter:

„This strategic partnership reinforces our goal of offering differentiated products and services to the Brazilian investor“.

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RB Investimentos has a portfolio of 35 thousand clients and R$ 2.5 billion in assets under custody, offering access to Treasury Direct and private pension products, shares, derivatives and real estate funds. Teixeira adds that the partnership may be expanded in the future:

„We want to expand the partnership in the future. But for now, we are only promoting Passfolio services in a general way, without going into the details of specific products“.

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